Post formed tops

Formica SolidCore...
Formicaxxxx SolidCore, sometimes referred to as Compact Laminate, is a rigid, self-supporting sheet material. Sheets of kraft and decor paper are first impregnated with thermosetting resins. The core of kraft papers together with the surface decor papers are then bonded together into a solid, homogeneous panel by means of high heat and pressure. Formica SolidCore is manufactured in accordance with SABS ISO 4586-1995, parts 1;4;6 and 7, as well as BS EN 438-4:2005 under the SABS ISO 9002 Quality Management System. Formica SolidCore is available in either an interior or exterior grade.

Formica LifeSeal Worktops
Combining a substrate or core of High Moisture Resistance (HMR) grade BisonBord and surface of Formica HPL, Formica LifeSeal Worktops merges the durability and strength of its two constituent components to create versatile work surfaces. Formica LifeSeal Worktops are further enhanced by the addition of a balancing backing material (applied to the exposed underside of the top) together with a resin sealant LifeSeal strip applied on the postformed edge where the Formica HPL meets the BisonBord HMR which protects the joint from moisture. Formica LifeSeal Worktops offer the same exceptional characteristics of Formica HPL, making them an excellent choice for work surfaces in places, like the kitchen, where hygiene is of utmost importance. During installation, all exposed edges, including the back-edge, joints and cut-outs for sinks and stove-tops need to be sealed with a suitable sealant to protect from moisture ingress. Formica LifeSeal Worktops are profiled either along one or both lengths of the top, commonly referred to as "one long" or "two long" respectively. In addition, three postform profile options are available namely Delta 90 , 180 and Squareline Profile.

Formica High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
Formica HPL offers the most versatile of surfacing materials, providing an unbeatable low maintenance, durable and dependable surface that will continue to look good for many years. Formica HPL is fabricated by laying up sheets of resin-impregnated kraft paper together with a resin-impregnated décor paper for the surface. These sheets are then pressed together under high heat and pressure whereby the resins bond the construction together into a homogenous decorative laminate. Formica HPL, in its upgraded format, has myriad vertical and horizontal applications, with its exceptional resistance to wear, scuff, impact, heat, moisture and stains, such as worktops, doors, cubicles and lockers, whether in the home, at work, in shops or offices. It provides an easily cleanable and hygienic surface, making it an excellent choice in kitchens. It is also extensively used in shopfitting and work surface areas such as desks and reception counters. It is available in five surface finishes, namely Loglare, Woodtex, Glaze, Gloss and Matt and a variety of Woodgrain, Stone, Patterned and Plain colours.

Formica Deccon Board 13
Formica Board 13 (B13) provides the same useful characteristics of Formica LifeSeal Worktops, including resistance to scuff, wear, scratch, impact, high temperature and chemical damage in a large panel format. B13 is a composite board construction, consisting of a decorative Formica HPL bonded, under factory controlled conditions, to the surface of either a BisonBord or SupaWood substrate with a Formica HPL, Deccon CPL or Foil balancing backer. Available in a wide range of decors and surface finishes, this semi-finished product gives flexibility for final finishing to the fabrication industry. Final components can be cut to size from the two different full sheet sizes and variety of thicknesses available and then given the desired edge treatment by the fabricator. B13 is also available with a Deccon CPL decorative surface.