Pine Plywood
The construction of Pine Plywood results in a material that is stronger than its component parts and more stable in all directions, using either interior grade UF or exterior grade PF resin. Panel grades are generally defined in terms of the veneer grade used on the face and the back of the panel. Pine Plywood is used in the manufacture of furniture and crating as well as pattern making and general joinery.

Marine Plywood
Selected durable tropical hardwoods are used in the manufacture of Marine Plywood. The marine plywood supplied by PG Bison effectively meets the requirements of the British Standard ruling specification that the plywood should in its natural state possess a minimum degree of durability against attachment by wood-destroying fungi. The selected hardwood veneer is bonded with phenolic adhesive for water resistance and strength. This conforms to the SABS 929 specification and BS 1088 standards as well as passing the 72 hour boil test. It is used extensively in the boat building / marine industry and for exterior applications.

Exterior Hardwood Plywood (Exterior use)
Exterior Hardwood Plywood uses a hardwood species throughout its construction and is bonded together using an exterior grade waterproof and boil proof phenolic resin (WBP). It is generally used where the appearance of the panel must be a natural veneer, but cost is an element of the design, such as in the manufacture of caravans, containers and packaging.

Commercial Plywood (Interior use)
Commercial Plywood offers a panel when cost is an element of product design. Generally a red hardwood species is used as the face of the board, with a softer species such as pine or poplar in the core. The plywood is bonded together with an interior grade UF resin. It provides a veneered surface that can be stained to match the predominant species in the construction.