Decorative Products

Melamatched has a thin MDF substrate with a hardened lacquer, decorative surface. It provides an economical solution for matching backers and drawer bottoms to the decorative MelaWood in use.

Deccon Continuous Pressed Laminate (CPL)
Deccon CPL, unlike Formica HPL which is sheeted, is a continuous pressed laminate that is available in a range of colours in roll form of between 100 and 150 linear metres which offers improved yield. Deccon CPL is suitable for general purpose vertical and light duty horizontal applications based on the three available thicknesses with their incremental performance characteristics. The 0.6mm thickness is the preferred office desk top surfacing material. Deccon has been specifically designed for stringent office and furniture requirements where good appearance and durability is required. With its good resistance to wear, scuff, heat, moisture and stains, Deccon is most commonly used in office furniture. Deccon is available in surface finishes of Loglare, Frost and Woodtex.